Wholesale Isolation Gowns (Case)


Processing Time: 1 business day
Case Count: 500 individually wrapped gowns per case

50 in stock


Our PPE products are on the ground (OTG) ready to ship from New York and California.


  • Non-woven SPP20gm
  • Non-medical
  • One Size Fits All
  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Ties on Neck and Waist
  • Intended for single use only
  • Do not use beyond expiration date (2 years)
  • We know these items are important to your business and family, we are shipping within one business day from New York.

Color & Style: Yellow
One Size Fits All: 115x137cm
Non-woven, clear and individually wrapped

Price: $1450
Case Count: 500 individually wrapped gowns per case @ $2.90 per unit
Processing Time: 1 business day

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