Wholesale Face Shields (Case)


Processing Time: 1 business day
Case Count: 250 face shields per case

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Disposable face shields with a polyester lens.  The headpiece is held in place by a stretch strap.  Includes a latex-free foam band for comfortable extended wear. These face shields only protect against liquids or dust, they are not impact resistant. Do not use with open flames or sparks.


  • Direct Splash Protection
  • Distortion Free
  • Optically clear for maximum visibility
  • Lightweight, full-length splash protection
  • Foam headrest relieves pressure for user comfort
  • We know these items are important to your business and family, we are shipping within one business day from New York.

Color & Style: Blue Band, Clear Plastic Shield
One size fits all
Disposable, Latex and fiberglass free

Price: $487.50
Processing Time: 1 business day
Case Count: 250 face shields per case @ $1.95 per shield

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