Wholesale Protective Goggles (Case)


Processing Time: 1 business day
Case Count: 200 pairs of goggles per case

50 in stock


Gear up for the fight against viruses with our wholesale universal size protective goggles.

With the polycarbonate clear lens, our goggles can block saliva droplets, splash, and dust, and also isolate viruses effectively.  Our PPE products are on the ground (OTG) ready to ship from New York and California.


  • Polycarbonate Clear Lens
  • Elastic Adjustable Headband
  • Soft Edge Design
  • The frame is Made of Lightweight PVC, Comfortable to Wear
  • Waterproof and Impact-Resistant
  • We know these items are important to your business and family, we are shipping within one business day from New York.

Color & Style: Clear
One size fits all: 175x95mm
Durable, clear and individually wrapped

Price: $930
Case Count: 200 pairs of goggles per case @ $4.65 per unit
Processing Time: 1 business day

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